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Interim Management / temporary solution for top-management

Interim Management international is a department / business unit of hunting heads international which is specialized in the temporary procurement of highly qualified and freelance Top Interimmanager. We can introduce the right candidate at short notice by using our efficient network! Our Interim managers are verified and selected of more than thousand of candidates. Only those who comply completely with our requirements in excellence will be accepted in our network. 90% of all managers are refused, because we only convey and search the ELITE!

The nominate Interim managers can analyze the existing structure very quickly. They attend or expedite active the intern recommencement. They proceed with the necessary sensibility and make so the “Turnaround” for your enterprise.

Applications for interim managers

Applications for Interim managers are for example : To bridge the vancancies, change management, Introduction of ERP/SOX/ SAP/ etc., Merger & Acquisition,  Structure an improvement of individual or new business areas / process optimization, Alternation of generations in the enterprise, Initiation and structure of Joint Venture, Acquisition and the change in ownership of an enterprise, Foundation of an enterprise, Accounting, Corporate restructuring, Project management in *2*, Due Diligence.

Interim Management Departments

DIY Interim Management, Trade Interim Management, Doc Interim Management, Engeneering, *2*, Interim Management, Automotive Interim Management, Medical technology Interim Management, Chemistry Interim Management, Renewable ernergy Interim Management, Construction machines, Interim Management, Construction trade Interim Management, *1*, Interim Management, Telecommunication Interim Management, Automotive Interim Management, Consumer goods Interim Management.

Advantages of application

Difficult management tasks require experience and personal maturity, Interim-Managers are quicky available, they become acquainted with new duties and they have experiences of other companies and functions, Interim Managers are more independent than permanent employees with their judgment and actions in *2*. Interim Managers see the problem on first glance and often they get the solution faster than the team, The customer pays only the actually provided working. The volume of work is flexible adaptable to the applications. *1* know, that their application is only for the time of effecting their performance

Interim Management Experiences

Our *1*/ project manager have competent experiences of recruitment and of handling sensibility projects. They have a high degree of social competence and the necessary professional background in the different business vacancies in *2*. During the time of insertion of the freelance experts our associates of the segments Interim / temporary solutions for TOP Management of hunting heads Interim will stand by advisory to the project providers and the freelancer / interim manager.

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