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Interim Management International - the partner for the global procurement of executives and managers on time

Interim Management International is a department / business unit of hunting heads which is one of the top five executive search companies in Europe and specialized in searching Management, Leaders, C-Levels and Top Managers as well as Board Members.

The business unit support their clients with the application of Interim managers, if the requirements of safety and speed is much needed.
Interim Management International commit the actual interim manager who is the best to comply the duty of the customer with the most success.
The business unit hunting INTERTIM have a pool of more than 12.000 international experts and have intensive and direct contact with more than 3.000 Interim managers of the different departments. This is the reason that we can offer the largest qualified selection of Interim managers in the Germany.
In Our Pool of experts there are experienced and qualified experts and Interim Managers who worked in the first or second management level in operative companies, but also experts of the third level and experienced project managers.

Several hundreds of successfully completed projects stand for our quality.

Our clients are particularly flexible, because the Interim Managers constantly have to adapt to new tasks and companies. For them the objective and the implementation are implicitness, because they carry out projects quickly and efficient, so that they can present the results in a little while.

Interim Management Departments

• DIY Interim Management
• Trade Interim Management
• Doc Interim Management
• Engineering Interim Management
• Automotive Interim Management
• Medical technology Interim Management
• Chemistry Interim Management
• Renewable energy Interim Management
• Construction machines Interim Management
• Construction trade Interim Management
• Information technology Interim Management
• Telecommunication Interim Management
• Consumer goods Interim Management

Advantages for application of an Interim Manager

• The possibility to act quickly
• The best relation between costs and profit
• Implementation of external knowledge and new methods
• An assessment of your status
• The exclusive availability for your company by an operative responsibility

Applications for Interim Manager:

• To bridge the vacancies
• Change management
• Introduction of ERP/SOX/ SAP/ etc.
• Merger & Acquisition
• Structure an improvement of individual or new business areas / process optimization
• Alternation of generations in the enterprise
• Initiation and structure of Joint Venture
• Acquisition and the change in ownership of an enterprise
• Foundation of an enterprise
• Accounting (HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP, BilMoG etc.)
• Corporate restructuring
• Project management
• Planning, conception and control of your projects
• Support for the selection of products and technology
• Selection and optimization of processes and method
• Due Diligences

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Asia Headquarter:

hunting heads executive search Asia
Level 32 & 33, Interchange 21, 399
Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey,
Wattana, Bangkok, 10110
Phone: +66 9909 18357

East Europe Headquarter:

hunting heads executive search
USCE Tower
19th Floor, 6 Mihalia Pupina Blvd.
11070 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381-6284 08161

Middle East Headquarter:

hunting heads executive search
Middle East
Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Level 14,
Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid
Boulevard Downtown Dubai
Phone: +971 4556 1906

Western Europe Headquarter:

hunting heads®
Executive Search International
Altenaer Str. 31
58507 Lüdenscheid, Deutschland
Phone: +49 (0) 2351 / 67 080 20
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